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Homes for sale in Norwalk CT

Norwalk, CT is located in Fairfield County in Southwestern Connecticut. It has a population of 87,701. According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 36.3 square miles (94 km2), of which, 22.8 square miles (59 km2) of it is land, and 13.5 square miles (35 km2) of it (37.24%) is water.

Norwalk is a wonderful city with so much to offer. Great schools surround it. A variety of people living in Norwalk homes for sale in CT. There are a lot of cultures and races in any one area, and the school and work environments are very diverse. Such a great town to raise children.

Also, the great thing about Norwalk is it has just about anything you are looking for. There are quiet little communities like Homes for sale in Norwalk CT that has newly built stylish houses and apartments for young adults, poor and wealthy areas, middle-class areas, wooded areas, beach communities, typical suburbs, etc. The beaches well maintained and there are lots of parks and playgrounds. People from surrounding communities come into Norwalk for our great restaurants, bars, and shopping. There is always something to do and places to enjoy in Norwalk, CT.

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